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How to create Feng Shui at home…

Feng Shui

feng shui

Feng Shui can help you feel better physically and emotionally, but you don’t need to make big changes in the way you decorate. Implement these tips in your home so that good energy can flow freely and you can feel its benefits. And don’t worry, these ideas can be implemented in minutes, what are you waiting for?

-Get rid of the mess
One of the changes you can easily implement is to keep your home clean and tidy. Get rid of all the unnecessary and organize everything you have in your home. The disorder not only makes you feel more stress, it also makes you waste time when you need to look for something. Make sure your room, bathroom and closet are clean to start the day better.

-Listen to Sounds of nature (This is the main step I used every single day)
The sounds of nature, like a waterfall, the singing of the birds or sounds of the night will help you relax. It is proven that these sounds can help you rest and soothe your heartbeat. Use a CD recorded with natural tones or open the windows if you have a patio or live near the sea.

-Choose relaxing Colors
Pastel colors and other light shades, such as the blue, green and beige, help your home to feel calm, and chi energy can flow more freely. Use this palette on the walls, furniture and decorations. If you want to add more flashy colors, red can bring you good luck and success while purple, creativity, and yellow, energy.

-Add Mirrors (Especially by the front entrance)
Mirrors can help to flow the energy. Use mirrors where you feel that the chi may become stagnant, such as small spaces, corners or walls. Octagonal shaped mirrors can be especially beneficial.

-Decorate with plants
The plants help to purify the environment and bring nature to the interior of the house. Plants also represent life, so they can attract good health. Bamboo is good luck in Chinese culture, but you can use the kind you like best. Be sure to throw dead or dry plants as they can make the energy not flow.

-Use decorations with soft and round shapes
Round and circular shaped decorations can help flow the energy in your home. Use a dining table or round side tables and choose furniture that has soft lines. Also use soft lines in the patterns that are part of your decoration.

-Light your Home (Open every window and let natural light go in)
Darkness can bring bad energies, so make sure your whole home has good lighting. Natural lighting is the best choice, so keep the windows and curtains open during the day. During the night, make sure that there are no dark spaces, use soft light to help the energy flow. You can also put plants in dark place to disperse the energy.

Self growth

Staying away from NEGATIVE people…


Emotions like anger, fear, frustration or immobility are energies. And you can potentially catch those energies from other people without noticing. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it is vital that you know how to avoid a person’s negative energies, or even how to remove the negativity that float in the crowds. Another important thing you need to know is that anxiety, depression or stress can become an emotional sponge that absorbs your defenses. When you least know it, you can be in tune with other people’s negative feelings, especially if you suffer similar pains. That’s because of empathy; We get into other people’s business without even solving ours first.

These are 9 steps to block NEGATIVE ENERGY…

1. Identify if you are susceptible. The person most likely to be overwhelmed by negative energies is that “empathic,” someone who functions as an “emotional sponge.” Some signs that you can be someone empathetic include: People tell you that you are a very sensitive person without the intention of doing it as a compliment. You feel exhausted and unhappy in the presence of multitudes. You feel anxiety, fear and stress by other people and you transmit it to your body as physical pain and symptoms. Excessive talk, noises and smells can trigger your nerves and anxiety. You need to be alone to recharge your energies.
Don’t intelectualizas what you’re feeling, letting your feelings get hurt easily.
You are a generous person, spiritual and good listener by nature. You tend to make sure you have an escape plan, so you can get away from situations quickly.
The intimacy of close relationships can feel like suffocating you or making you lose your own self.


2. Find the source. Start by asking yourself if that negative energy comes from you or someone else. They can be both. If the emotion, whether it be fear or anger, is yours then it is carefully facing what is causing or resorting to professional help. If not, try to identify the obvious generator.


3. Disassociate of the possible source. Stay away from the source that can be generating those negative emotions. Stay at least 30 meters. Don’t mind the offending strangers. If you are in a public place, do not hesitate to change places if you start to feel that someone is beating your depression.


4. Dedicate yourself to concentrating in your breath. Doing this will allow you to connect with your essence and for several minutes exhale negativity and inhale calm. This will help you connect with the Earth and purify the fear or other negative emotions. Visualize negativity as a gray that is rising from your body, in the hope that it will enter a golden light. So you should be able to get quick results.


5. Wash the damage. Negative emotions like fear usually stay in the solar plexus. Put the palm of your plexus alone as if you were sending kindness and love to that area to eliminate stress.
If you want to treat anxiety or depression for several years, use this method every day to strengthen the center of calm. It is very comforting and builds a sense of security and optimism, becoming a ritual.

6. Protect yourself. A good way to protect yourself that people use, including complicated patient healers, is to visualize a white light coverage (or any color you feel is imparting power) around your entire body. Think of that light as a shield that prevents entering the negativity or physical discomfort that do not let you be positive.


7. Manages the emotional overload. You don’t have to be in debt to your ability to absorb others ‘ emotions; It occupies this burden well by implementing some of these strategies: Learn to recognize people who can lower your energy. This kind of people are usually those who like to criticize, to become victims, to control or they are narcissists. When you can detect these behaviors you can protect yourself from them.  Eat high-protein foods before submitting to stressful situations such as hanging out with a crowd.
Make sure you don’t have to rely on other people to solve difficult situations. Take your own car so you can go home fast, take enough funds in case you have to make a payment, etc.
Set time limits, acknowledge how much you can stand and obey that limit to ensure your mental well-being. Keep your private space in a shared house with others. Ask others to respect that space when you’re resting to recover.
Practice meditation and care.


8. Find people and positive situations. Call a friend who sees the good in others, spends time with a colleague who recognizes good things or listens to people who are hopeful. Listen to the faith they have to themselves and to others. Hope is contagious and serves to raise your mood.


9. Create and maintain a shelter to disconnect. Leave open roads that lead you to communion with nature and its resonance. Back home you will be a person who shuts down his victim mentality and who turns on and recharges with energy and spirituality. Have a nice picture of a waterfall or a vast forest near you and look at it when you’re stressed or anxious. Walk in a forest or a natural environment to feel the freshness of the planet.


Self growth

Chia Seeds Benefits

chia sees

  • Helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Allows regulating appetite and body weight
  • Provides satiety feeling helping to control appetite.
  • Helps regulate blood clotting.
  • Allows the growth and regeneration of tissues during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Is the largest vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Contains complete proteins providing all essential amino acids. This is important for vegetarian people.

Chia Seed Superfood -Superseed

It can be used in a variety of foods…

  • Shakes
  • Smoothies
  • Pudin
  • Water (by itself)
  • Icecream
  • Juices


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Morning Yoga

7 reasons why doing yoga in the morning changes your day…


Doing yoga in the morning is a perfect stimulant to wake up every day. It activates you, nourishes you and gives you a touch of energy and positivity for the rest of your day. Doing yoga in the morning is a great way to stretch and lengthen the body. There is almost nothing better than the pleasure it feels to stretch and twist the body in the morning. A good yoga routine blows the cobwebs that has left your sleep, stimulates your mind and your intellect.

Here is a list of reasons that will motivate you to practice yoga every morning, and like me, you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful habit.

1. YOGA is an efficient exercise.
Yoga can be a more complete workout in the morning than most people think. It is easy in a yoga practice to use all the important muscles of the body.
Speaking of efficiency, yoga offers more than just running or riding a bike. I have nothing against running or cycling, they are excellent ways to do cardio and strengthen the body, and are exercises that I also enjoy! However, they are only very efficient working on certain muscle groups. Yoga can work all muscle groups, and at atypical angles, increasing muscle toning and strength.

2. Doing YOGA in the morning gives you lightness, strength and elasticity
Can you imagine going out on the street, or just starting your day with an incredible feeling of lightness, as if you could almost fly?
Because the practice of yoga in the morning gives me that feeling. I start the practice without having breakfast, after having taken a glass of warm water with half a lemon. And at the end I feel light, and full of inner and outer strength. I feel elastic, I feel completely ready to face with love all the tasks and situations that are presented to me in the day.

3. Invites you to have a purposeful day
The time I practice yoga in the morning is a moment of my own. It is a time that I share with myself, and I enjoy feeling unique, and at the same time feel that I am one with the universe. The practice of yoga in the morning gives me a lesson in humility, reminds me that one of the missions in my life is to serve others. And this makes the rest of my day have a definite purpose.

4. You will enjoy the road
While I do the asanas, I enjoy every move, I am aware of my body and my breathing. I don’t expect anything, I just enjoy the way. And this is a teaching I remember every morning, and I apply it for the rest of the day. Love every thing I do without having expectations. Then the achievements, as small as they may be, will fill me with joy, and I will face the stumbling in a better way.

5. Increase your energy and productivity
Whatever the tasks I have in the day, it is much easier and it is more enjoyable if I feel full of energy. Yoga revitalizes the mind and gives vigor to our body. If what I do then is write an article (like this!), work on my tasks, or dedicate time to the chores of the house, I feel with a lot more strength and desires for everything.

6. You will feel happily relaxed
Besides, yoga relaxes me, calms my mind and my body. Interesting as something that fills you with energy at the same time calms you, don’t you think?
The practice in the morning makes my day flooded with peace and tranquility, despite the waves of stress that we can get from other people or situations.
Meditation and relaxation are key to yoga practice, don’t forget.

7. You will be happier and positive throughout the day
Through the breathing and meditation, through the exercises, I achieve to focus fully at the moment. When you practice yoga in the morning, it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, or what you think will happen in the rest of the day. It is a feeling that I always carry with me, when at some point I see that my mind is distracted with some concern, I try to bring it back, to live now. This is a habit that you learn, like everyone else, and the daily practice of yoga helps us a lot.

Comments or suggestions, will be appreciated!

Self growth

The power of motivation…



It can predict the success of something better than intelligence, salary or capacity, and that is scientifically proven. The level of motivation is closely related to success, but the source of motivation is not.

Research shows that the source of motivation varies greatly among people and has nothing to do with success. In short, there is a direct relationship between level of motivation and success but the source of individual motivation, which motivates each person, is very different from each other and has nothing to do with success.

So how do you motivate each person to get the best out of them?

I can help you get through your days by motivating you and see the bright side. I have been through tough situations which have led me to help and motivate people around the world